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Updating A Provider Admin

Provider administrators control site information at each program site that they administer. Below, you will find information for updating the primary contact and administrator for programs in I-LEAD.

What if someone else should be the admin of one of the sites where I am listed as the admin?

If the provider admin in I-LEAD should be someone else within your agency, invite that person to be an admin via I-LEAD. Once they are the provider admin, they can terminate your association.

Steps to add another user as a provider admin:

  • Log in to your I-LEAD account
  • Select your provider site
  • Click “invite admin”
  • Add the new admin’s user information

If you are not employed by the organization or business associated with a listed site and need to update the person identified as the provider admin, contact us for support.

Need Additional Help?

Get in touch with the solution center by using our online form or calling 800-299-1627.

Updated on July 25, 2019

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