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Locating Face-to-Face Learning Opportunities  

In addition to online professional development opportunities available through Indiana Learning Paths, the new online learning management system, educators and provider admins can also register for face-to-face trainings with their I-LEAD account.

How do I log in to and access Indiana Learning Paths?

The first step in identifying the location for a face-to-face training is to log in to your I-LEAD accounts. Please be sure to activate your I-LEAD account if you have not already done so.

From there, both educators and provider admins can navigate to Indiana Learning Paths by clicking on the dark green button that says “Start Your Indiana Learning Path.” That button will take users to Indiana Learning Paths.


How do I search for face-to-face trainings in Indiana Learning Paths?

The first page that loads in Indiana Learning Paths is the Training Catalog page. Courses can be searched by modality, which means where and how the course is delivered; modalities include face-to-face, live webinar or online professional development.


How do I find the location for face-to-face trainings?

Once you have selected face-to-face offerings, click start to register for a course option. Under Available Sessions, click on the hyperlinked name next to “Offered By.” The county, name and address of the location for the face-to-face training will appear. Be sure to complete your registration for this event by clicking on the registration button.

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Need additional details on how to use Indiana Learning Paths?

Please visit this article to learn more about this online learning management system and how it works: Using Indiana Learning Paths


Updated on December 18, 2019

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