Inviting Staff

Provider Admins need to add their staff to their educator roster so they can keep track of their staff’s mandatory training and annual consent forms for background checks and fingerprinting. Please follow the instructions below on how to add an Educator to your child care facility. Please send an invite for each location the educator works at.

3 Ways to Invite Staff:

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1.) Manage Educators Button- Use if Educator(s) needs consent forms and invites for multiple child care sites

2.) Invite Educators Button- Use if you’re only inviting Educator(s) for one site instead of multiple sites

3.) I am an Educator Button Use if Educator(s) need merged into existing I-LEAD account(s) or records. These Educator(s) may be on the Associated Educator roster already via the View Details button. Educator(s) will use this button on their own I-LEAD account(s) if they are listed but have a “No” or “Invited” status under Registered.

Staff must complete their consent forms as soon as they accept their invite and have their fingerprint TCN #. This is required before they can begin working in a child care setting.
Updated on March 30, 2021

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