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Educators manage their individual information on I-LEAD, including consent forms for background checks. Below, you will find information to help educators submit their consent forms.

For educators with an I-LEAD account, the first step for submitting an updated background check consent form is logging in to I-LEAD.

If an educator does not have an I-LEAD account, they have to first activate one. Learn more about activating your I-LEAD account here: Activating Your Account

Once an educator has signed up for an I-LEAD account, the invitation process ends and the consent form process begins. Here are the steps for submitting your consent form as an existing educator:

    • Log in to the I-LEAD and click on the button in the top right corner of the screen that says “Begin Consent Forms.”
    • Complete the consent form online and submit it.
    • The form is then submitted to the Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning (OECOSL).

If you have not received an invitation to join I-LEAD, first ask your provider admin to make sure you are on the site roster. Consent forms are accessible when a site’s provider admin invites an educator to I-LEAD.

Educators only need to submit the consent form one time, and it can be attached to all facilities where the individual is connected.

The provider admin is unable to see this from I-LEAD currently. We encourage provider admins to check in with staff to ensure that consent forms have been submitted.

The provider admin will need to be added to the associated educator listing for each location where they are employed. Once added to the listing, an invite should be sent to the admin using the same email they use for I-LEAD. Once the invite has been accepted, the consent form should appear for the admin once they log back in to the system.

Updated on September 5, 2019

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